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Add your Photo, Business Card or Company Insignia on a Mug
(see bottom of page for multiple order discount -over 10 mugs)

To purchase your Photo Gift items, click on add to cart button below each gift item. Indicate in comments section inside paypal, whether photo and/or transfer. If transfer, indicate which transfer you would like, then:

E-mail good quality jpeg photo attachment for processing to:FunFotos,Etc


1. White-11oz-one side Photo or Transfer

2. One sided mugs are $14.95 each

2. White-11oz-two sides Photo and Transfer

3. Two sided mugs are $16.95 each


I Love Mommy
I Love Daddy
I Love Grandma
I Love Grandpa
Double Trouble
Looking Good
The Boss
World's Cutest Baby
German and Proud
Latino and Proud
Puerto Rican and Proud
Irish and Proud
Italian and Proud
Black by Popular Demand
100% Mexican
Te Amo
Te Quiero Mucho
Te Quieremos Mucho
#1 Cat
#1 Dog
Grumpy Old Fart
Old Farts Wife
Dirty Old Man Trainee
I Don't Do Mornings(male)
Same Shit Different Day
In Case of Emergency Call 1-800-Grandma
In Case of Emergency Call 1-800-Grandpa


#1 Dad
#1 Mom
Tweety Cupid

Multiple Mug Order Discount Breakdown

1. Pricing for One-sided only

2. Must be same photo on all Mugs

3. 1-10 Mugs=$14.95 each

4. 11-20 Mugs=$13.95 each

5. 21-30 Mugs=$11.95 each

6. 31-40 Mugs=$10.95 each

7. 41-50 Mugs=$8.95 each

8. 51-100 Mugs=$6.95 each

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